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Age groups are guidelines, not absolutes. More important is to match your child's emotional maturity and physical stamina with the rest of the group so they fit well and enjoy skiing! We may move children around the first few sessions to the group that suits them best.  If your child is between groups, put them in the easier group and we can always bump them up.

POLAR CUBS: 4-5 year olds, young beginners. No poles. Parents MUST ski with their child. Focus on balance, glide and fun on skis.

WHITE BEGINNER / WHITE ZOOMERS: ages 6-8 and up: beginners and former Polar Cubs practice classic technique both without and with poles. Two year focus on balance, stride and hills. White Beginners will not ski with poles and must be accompanied by a parent if under the age of 7. Poles are introduced to midseason-Zoomers.

BLUE / BLUE EXTRA: ages 7-9 and up: advanced beginner skiers who are comfortable with balance, hills, and longer distances. The Blue group learns and develops skate techniques.  Kids should be able to maintain centered balance through a glide on one ski using classic technique to start Blue group. Blue Extra skiers should have skied as Blue Beginners for one season. Blue Extra skiers will be competent V1 skiers with some V2 capability by the end of the season. Blue group skiers must have skate or combi skis, skate or combi boots, and appropriate rigid skate poles.

PURPLE GROUP: ages 9-11 and up: intermediate and recreational skiers who are comfortable in classic and skate basics. We work on improving speed, stamina and skills. Kids should be competent in one skate technique to start purple group.   Skiers may cover 5k and will be competent V1 and V2 skiers. Purple group skiers must have skate or combi skis, skate or combi boots, and appropriate rigid skate poles.

COMPETITION GROUP: Middle school and competitive upper elementary skiers who are confident with basic classic and skate techniques looking to train for races. Geared toward technique and tactics development. May not ski the same distances as Purple group. Comp group skiers may ski both disciplines and should have the appropriate equipment for both skate and classic skiing. Tuesday-Thursday only.


Chugiak Eagle River Nordic Ski Club
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