This tool makes day to day management much easier for our volunteers. TeamSnap is free to you as a user and has a minimal amount of advertising. There is a version that allows you to avoid ads but comes with a monthly fee. We use the TeamSnap application to simplify communications and to be sure that we can get ahold of parents/guardians of skiers. TeamSnap allows your coaches and the director to message all of you at the same time or individually without cluttering your messenger. We also use TeamSnap to alert cancellations. If you are already using TeamSnap for other sports/clubs, you will be able to use the same log-in.

These instructions will help you set up your TeamSnap account and orient you to the dashboard.

These instructions will help you resolve problems you may expereince using the application on your Android device.

These instructions will help you add a family member or contact to your profile in addition to the person who registered. This ensures that both will recieve messages.

These instructions will help you troubleshoot your account (duplicate names, can't see a team, etc.)