Junior Nordic


Our goal is to instill a love of Nordic skiing as an activity for the entire family, to build a strong ski community in the Chugiak-Eagle River area, and to enjoy our beautiful Alaskan winters!

Are you looking for a fun activity the entire family can enjoy together?  Get off the sidelines, beat the winter blues, get some exercise and make new friends when you join the Eagle River Junior Nordic Family Ski Program!

We are an all-volunteer parent-led, family-oriented co-op for ages 4-14, with a focus on preschool and elementary-aged skiers.  We rely on our adults to strap on skis and join the kiddos, at least some of the time.

Our highly popular program is a bit unique in the youth ski world.  We subscribe to the Norwegian system of teaching the love of skiing through fun on skis rather than skills and drills, particularly at the younger levels.  A typical 6-year old session might include a game of wolves and caribou, a short ski, the limbo, another short ski, some red-light green-light and maybe some ski time playing on the big hill.

Want to coach but don't know how?  We will train you for free!  A few of our parent coaches are Nordic ski racers and some are experienced recreational skiers but, the majority are learning to ski alongside their kids...and you can too!

Older middle school and high school athletes who are looking for more training, skill development, and race support are encouraged to connect with Alaska Nordic Racing which provides year-round ski training in the Chugiak - Eagle River area.  Adult lessons, both for beginners and accomplished skiers, are offered through us.

Register for any of these activities from the Registration page.

Please see our Facebook page for the latest information. We plan to open Junior Nordic registration in October for the 2023-24 season.